First Visit

What to Expect on Your First Visit

On your first visit to our office, you can expect a thorough consultation and examination with the doctor. This allows the doctor to evaluate not only your current problem but your health history. This is needed to best decide what treatments and therapies are best suited for you individually.

When you arrive you will be welcomed. And after reviewing the Wellness History Forms that you have filled out prior to your appointment, one of the doctor's assistants will bring you back and take your vital signs and take your picture for our medical records. After this, you will sit down, one on one with the doctor and discuss your current health issues, as well as past health problems, other health concerns, or questions you may have about your care.

Following your consultation, you will have an examination. What the examination entails is based on your health history and current problems. If needed, you may also have additional laboratory testing or x-rays performed. This is decided on a per patient basis and by no means do all patients need to have these things performed on a first visit.

In either your first visit or a follow-up visit if you require lab tests, the doctor will explain the findings of your examination, as well as what your care will involve. You and the doctor will determine what therapies are best for you. If your current complaints require that we start treatment, you will receive your first treatment or procedure on that same day.

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