Magnetic Therapy

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy operates on the knowledge that the human body is controlled by magnetic fields and charged ions and benefits from its balance. When an area of the body is injured, positive ions flood the area, causing pain and swelling.

How does Magnetic Therapy work?

Magnetic therapy causes the positive ions to flee the affected area, allowing the body to return to its normal negative state. This allows an increase in circulation and oxygen flow to the injured area, thus promoting the benefits of natural healing.

Why is Magnetic Therapy used?

Magnetic therapy can be applied to many parts of the body. Benefits of magnetic therapy are not just for a pulled back muscle or sprained knee. Patients of magnetic therapy find benefits from the therapy for carpel tunnel syndrome in the wrist, sinus inflammation and even headaches with the proper guidance of a healthcare provider. Products used in this office resemble to ace bandages, athletic support bandages worn on the back, neck, knee, elbow, wrist or ankle and/or insoles. Each is designed with special magnets to delivery proper magnetic therapy to the injured part of the body.

Patient Benefits:

  • Healing without the use of traditional medication
  • Promotion of natural body function
  • In some cases, the results are felt within minutes
  • In others, the benefits of magnetic therapy may require multiple treatments or applications for several weeks. The amount of time depends on the severity and location of the injury and the instruments used.

Consult your Doctor before using any self administrating therapy.

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