Kinesiology is the science of using muscle testing to assess the overall health of specific systems in the body and provide a means to correct any imbalances. By using muscles as a monitor of weakness or strength, Kinesiology provides a communication tool that allows us to detect areas in our bodies that may not be functioning properly due to physical injuries, emotional stress, improper nutrition, and learning problems. Once these imbalances are detected, the body system can be balanced and result in an improvement in a person's overall health and performance.

How does it work?
Through the art and science of muscle testing, we locate energetic and structural imbalances in the body. Furthermore, we determine which treatment plan will be most suitable to bring you back into balance. Muscle testing also gives you immediate bio-feedback to confirm whether or not the corrections have been effective.

How does the Patient benefit?
Because Kinesiology deals with the whole person, you will experience a wide range of benefits from the simple, yet powerful techniques. There are many effective tools to rapidly alleviate acute and chronic pain. This approach can even be used to bring you emotional benefits including removing lifelong stressors, eliminating phobias and posttraumatic stress, as well as enhancing performance and creativity. Kinesiology is one of the quickest and most effective ways to help children and adults with learning difficulties. Joint conditions, including knee and hip problems, frozen shoulder, and carpal tunnel, are often easily corrected. With Kinesiology you can discover which foods are depleting your energy and which foods and supplements can enhance your health and vitality.

Types of Kinesiology

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